What I’ve finished lately…

I recently took a wonderful class with Lyric Kinard, Surface Design Sampler Platter. I had a great time and learned so much. Below is the book cover I created. On the front cover I created a stamp of a leaf. This was done by carving a leaf form into an eraser and then using fabric paint to stamp it. I later added a few beads and flower beads. I had too much fun.

Below is the back of the book cover. Similar techniques were used, more stamping but here I got to bead. LOVED IT! I attached a cabochon and then beaded around it, enough to bend over the cabochon to hold it in place. I then beaded around the leaves for fun. During the class we also did some photo transfer, foil stamping and screen printing. I had a wonderful time and I got the Mark seal of approval, “that’s cool, you could give that as a gift”

The project below is from the the class I took from Susan Brubaker Knapp. The class was ‘start with photo’. I learned so much and liked the class so much I HAD to finish the project. I found thread painting to be so much FUN. I can’t wait to try it again. I hope to do some type of flowers for my next project.

A detail of the stone. I was very pleased with the stone area. I think they probably would have looked better if I had used a gray that was more modeled. The grass was quite difficult. I definitely should have used a print here.

3 thoughts on “What I’ve finished lately…

  1. You did a great job on your barn, Karen! I hope you enjoyed the thread painting. I love Lyric’s suggestions. Sometimes I try to do everything with just fabric and thread; it is a challenge. But if you want greater realism, paint can help! Susan

  2. Karen, love the finished book cover. So when am I gonna get that stamp you made? Love the lean look of it. That was such a fun class wasn’t it.

  3. What a lovely book cover you’ve finished!

    Why not combine what you’ve learned in both classes? Grab a paint brush and mix up some brown, black, grey, purple paint and paint in some mottles and shadows in the rocks. You could mask off parts of the piece with freezer paper then splatter spots of paint n the rocks with a toothbrush. You could also paint right over your stitching with different greens, either with a brush or sponge it on to blend the grass a bit.

    Have fun!

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