This and that…

I thought I’d start this entry with a few pics of my hydrangea bushes. As you can see the first hydrangea is a lovely purple. My favorite color. You may ask, how did I get them this color? Pickle juice! I water down any pickle brine that is left over in the jar and water the hydrangea with it.

Next is a pic of some of the most unique petunias I’ve every seen. They were so pretty, I had to go back and get enough for the container on my porch.

And this is the orchid that is on my office mantle. I’ve been wanting one for a long time and I finally said, “what the heck,” lets give it a try. Hope it lasts…especially since my green thumb isn’t too green lately.

This wonderful quilt is hanging in the children’s hospital in Chapel Hill. I spotted it when Patty and I were up there a couple Friday’s ago. It really jumped out at me. Was this done by Amy Stewart Windsor? There was no plaque and no one at the desk seemed to know. Please let me know who did this wonderful quilt. Below are a few detailed shots.

And this last work of art was also at the children’s hospital. It’s just darling. The artist is from California and her last name is Rosen.

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