Too much fun…..

I’ve been having too much fun lately. I’ve discovered a new technique during national quilting day. As many of you know The Quilt Show offered a “free” weekend. I think I watched a total of 8 shows. I loved the show featuring Susan Carlson. I watched her technique and loved it!!! I finally knew what I could do with all my scraps. Susan uses small bits and left over pieces to create her pictorial quilts. I immediately purchased her book “Serendipity Quilts” and here is my first attempt….Sunface.

I’m really pleased with the results. The facial features look pretty accurate and I learned a lot. I couldn’t wait to start my next quilt….MoonFace. I had even more fun with this one.

Also, for everyone who was following the block of the month. I’ve uploaded the last block of the cardinal in the column to the right.

Studio organization advice needed!

Here is the current configuration of my sewing machine. My Bernina is in a SewEzi table. I have a folding table placed long ways against the window and my old dining room table (36×60) is behind these against the wall.
These three tables form an upside down “L”. And, on the right, is my ironing board. This configuration works pretty well. It’s especially useful when I’m working on a large quilt and when I’m free motion quilting.

Soon, We will be doing some renovation and will be getting a new front door. The carpenter who will install the new door told me the old door (36×79) makes a fantastic table and if we didn’t want it he would take it off our hands. DING, DING, DING! Table? How about a new sewing table? (There are no panels, it’s currently a smooth surface.) I could have him cut a hole in it similar to the SewEzi table and butt it up to the old dining room table. But, I have several questions and would love to hear what you, my quilting friends have to say.

1. Should I cut the door (36×79) to match the dining room table (36×60)?
2. If I cut the door what should i do with the 20×36 left over? Ironing table?
3. Where should I have the hole for my bernina cut into the table? I was reading Philippa Naylor’s book, Quilting in the LimeLight and she set her machine back 10.25 inches from the front edge. This gives her arms an area to rest on the table while working. Also, this prevents carpel tunnel….which I’ve had, because my elbow didn’t rest on a surface while working. I’m thinking setting the machine back 11 inches.
4. I’d love to get thoughts on the layout of the room.

Here is a layout I’m thinking about.

I’d love to here your ideas to make my sewing studio as efficient as possible.
Many thanks.

January had been a blur….

…and I’m so far behind on the Block of the Month, work, quilting, cleaning and everything. My apologies. But, here is the January BOM and Tootie has been gracious enough to pose with the block.

In other news, I was able to take some time earlier in the week to visit the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. Here are a few pics from the orchid conservatory. If you have the time it is definitely worth the visit.

December BOM

The holidays will be here very soon but we can’t forget our sisters with breast cancer and the blocks we are doing. This month is the final pieced house block. I’ve gotten wonderful feedback from many ladies who have enjoyed making the blocks. I must say how rewarding it is to see my designs come to life. Thank you to everyone for participating.

November BOM is ready

Here is the lovely Tootie with the November house block. Again it’s a “wonky” pieced block. This is perfect for me since nothing in my world is ever perfect. I had several people last month say the block looked like a cupcake so I made this one more of a “typical” house block. You will see I added window and a more regular chimney. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Let me know how you did this last month’s block. I’d love to see them.

Daffodil Quilt Update: After doing a bit of free-motion quilting with a black back and seeing all the lumps and bumps and puckers I hated it. So, I did a lot of “un-sewing” last week, purchased new backing fabric and started again. I’m much happier with this. So, now I’m on my way.

Happy Stitchin’

Feeling confident with the newest free motion project

I finished fusing this daffodil project last week. It’s been hanging on my design wall for months. I did well at the Cabarrus Quilt Show and thought it’s really time to start. I began in the center as I usually do. I did a bit of work on the center area and then I did this….

How the heck I did this I’ll never know.
Honestly, I really dislike starting the free motion quilting on a project this size. It’s so tough. The quilt is really thick and fluffy with the wool batting, it’s pretty large-44×60 and VERY cumbersome. It will flatten out very soon and get a lot easier to manage. I just have to keep plugging away.

It’s done and on it’s way to Studio E

Pretty Little Poppy is finally finished and on it’s way to Greenville, SC to Studio E. I created it for as an art challenge for a new line of fabrics by Studio E. If it is chosen it will be displayed at their booth at the Houston show next month. I was thrilled to be included in this art challenge.

Here is a detail shot.

And, here is the back view.

And, in other news…..
I won “Best Machine Quilting” at the Cabarrus Quilt Show this past weekend for Passionate Pink Tulips. I was stunned when my friend Susan called to give me the news. WOW! Darn it, I was out of town and missed the show. Susan said it was a really good show. I hate that I missed it. I’ll have to make sure to go to next years show.

October BOM

For those of you who are tired of applique flowers, here is a pieced block. It is one of three pieced blocks.
After a lot of thought and some research I came up with this funky little house. There are so many variations you can create with a house block, it’s endless. Happy stitching!