I’ve had the best week ever!

Saturday: It all started last Saturday the 13th with the “Girls Day Out” Event at Mary Jo’s.  This event launched the new sewing classes and the Baby Lock machines they are now selling.

IMG_3430Here’s Aimee, she’s super excited about the new classes that Mary Jo’s offers.

IMG_3431Pattie is teaching paper-piecing, fabric bowls and several other fun classes.

IMG_3429Carmen teaches gorgeous smocking techniques. Wow! I’m teaching free-motion quilting, thread painting and wholecloth painting. Girls Day Out was a huge success. I’m so glad I was a part of it.

Monday: I got to teach my free-motion quilting class, Machine Quilting Basics. We learned curvy and geometric free-motion designs. We had a great time and learned a lot. Here is a picture of us.


Wednesday: I got the news that both of my entries had been accepted in the IQA: Quilts: A World of Beauty show in Houston! I was hoping that one entry would be accepted but when I got the email that both had been accepted I almost fell out of my chair.
Here is my entry Blooming Poppy.


I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next week!

Paducah Show


I can’t believe it, but if you look closely at the cover of the catalog of show quilts you will see the detail of “Princess Daphne.” I’m thrilled.

Both my quilts were accepted in the show and now Daphne is part of the cover.  Wow, it’s been a big, exciting month.  I hope you will pick up a copy of the catalog to see all the beautiful quilts. They are all stunning.

Here is a full shot of “HRH Princess Daphne.” (23″ x 14″)


Yes, she rules the house and loves it. This piece was whole cloth painted, thread painted, the blue area is hand applique and free motion quilted. I had so much fun working on her eyes.

Here is a pic of my other entry “A poppy for mother.” (40″ x 55″)PoppyForMother-FullI worked on this quilt while my mother was in the last stages of alzheimer’s disease. It was a great way to get away from all the sadness of her illness.

PoppyForMother-DetailHere is a detail shot. This piece was raw edge applique and free motion quilted. I thoroughly enjoyed choosing all the fabrics for this one. They ranged from red to pink to white to purple to violet. Plus some green for the stem. I shot all the photos of the poppies at Wing Haven in Myers Park.

I have several other projects I’m working on currently. I will post about those soon.

Many changes ahead….

The last seven months have included many changes for me personally and professionally. The loss of friends and family. Change can be difficult but it is a constant. If we don’t change we can’t grow.

As one chapter of my life ends, I look forward to what’s ahead and trust the Lord will lead me on the right path to become the person I’m supposed to be.

Through it all, I keep working on my art quilts. I LOVE making things. It makes me happy and gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Here is my latest project. Another poppy from Wing Haven. Created with textile paint. 35″x30″IMG_2701


I’ve been AWOL….

for some time know. Life just keeps getting in the way but I’ve still been quilting. Usually late at night. Around midnight you can see the studio glowing from outer space—I have all the lights on because I need good light, the machine is humming, the kitties are there to keep me company and Mark is downstairs playing guitar. Here is what I’ve been working on lately.

Painting the poppy.






Portrait of Mom



So here is how my afternoon is going…

What a mess! But, I’m not happy with the free motion stitching and I have to fix it.

Here are my favorite tools for unsewing. Seam ripper, tweezers and a lint roller.
I usually slice stitches on the front of the quilt with the seam ripper. Pull threads from the back of the quilt and use the lint roller to pick up the mess.

What are your favorite tools? What is your technique for unsewing?

And now for something totally different…..

I’ve been dabbling in improvisational piecing and I’ve been having a great time. This, I discovered is “modern.” So, I guess I’m a modern quilter also. It so much fun.

Simple lines, simple shapes and so minimal. It’s completely different than my other quilts. It’s very refreshing to work on.

It’s also a great way to use up the small scraps of fabric I hate to throw out.

Keep stitching!

Tootie in Living Color

Here’s my boy Tootie. He is so photogenic. What a beautiful guy. He’s not the brightest bulb but he’s a really sweet kitty.

Tootie’s my second cat. I got him because my first cat Herman needed a playmate. I was out shopping one weekend and needed a few things at the Target on South Blvd. There he was in a large box with his brothers and sisters…..”box-o-cats.”

I’ve been wanting to make a quilt of him for a long time. I shot a picture of him one Sunday morning and decided this was the picture I needed to use.

Created with acrylic textile paint on PFD fabric, rayon thread, cotton batting. Thread sketched and free-motion machine quilted.

Is August over yet?

It’s been a bad August, well, it’s been a bad year. Mark’s best friend lost his battle with cancer, mother passed away, two of my cats are under the weather, new A/C for the house, new A/C for the car, got rear-ended and slammed into the car in front of me……..do I need to keep going on. You get my drift.

Anyway, things could be much worse and I’m thankful for what Mark and I have. We really do have a lot to be thankful for.

I need to get back to it and finish up the three quilts I’ve been working on.
Here is a sneak peak of what they look like.

Daphne with a ton of thread sketching.

Tootie the wonder cat.

Oversized poppy…..what, you didn’t think I was working on a flower quilt……well, of course I am.

Hopefully, I can get back to stitching this weekend.

Happy stitching, Karen

Long Memorial Day Holiday…

Here are a few pics of the projects I’ve been working on this holiday week.

I love poppies and this one I shot at Wing Haven. Here’s the poppy in the middle of the painting process.

Here is the poppy with the painting completed. Now I have to start the thread sketching.

I also wanted to do some detail paintings of the poppy. As a bud, an opening bud and after the bloom.

A few months ago a friend and I went to Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden (DSBG) to shoot pics of the orchids. They were amazing. Here is one species that I worked on.

Picture with tracing on fabric.

Laying down the first two colors.

Orchid painting complete. Time for thread sketching.