I’m so excited that I’ve completed my Sew the Seeds star for West Virginia.
After seeing several stars created by some of my favorite embroiderers on Instagram, I looked up the hashtag #esasosflag and #craftism. What were they all doing? Could I be a part of this project? I emailed the project creator and I asked if I could help and if she would accept an art quilt star. She said yes and I got to work.

So, what is the “Sew the Seeds” star project?
“It’s basically a very large US flag with 50 stars for 50 states and 50 species that are somehow linked to the Endangered Species Act.” Each star created by a textile artist represents a state. NC was taken so I chose West Virginia and it’s monarch butterfly. The stripes of the flag will eventually be made up of embroidered quotes about the importance and beauty of nature.

Interested in creating a star?
Go to  for more info.




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