Scrap Block – Rainy Day Sewing

finalOn this extremely rainy day in NC I thought I’d share directions for a fun scrap block that I keep making and can’t stop making.

This is a stitch and flip method that I really love. I like to use a stabilizing fabric. Or in my case I use my “used” bounce dryer sheets. (A thin muslin would also work.) I trim sheet to 6 x 6.


I turn the bounce square on point. Then, using my long scrap strips I stitch from top point to bottom point.  Note: Be careful stitching commercial fabrics. They have a right & wrong side. I use lots of batiks and this doesn’t matter.


Next, I flip and press.


I repeat until the entire bounce block is complete. Don’t worry if strips are not perfectly even in size. This makes the block more interesting.


When the block is full/complete flip over and trim with your rotary cutter.





Have fun and stay safe!

3 thoughts on “Scrap Block – Rainy Day Sewing

  1. Bounce dryer sheets, huh? Who would have thought! What is the purpose of the stabilizing dryer sheet, though — couldn’t you just sew your strips to one another the regular way and then trim them to block size? Don’t the Bounce sheets add a lot of bulk?

    • Hi Rebecca ~
      sorry for the delayed response. yes, you could sew the strips together without the dryer sheet. I like used the used dryer sheet as a stabilizer. It’s just personal preference.
      Thanks for the question. Happy stitching.

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