Cats and Quilts

picklelilly-detailI just can’t seem to get enough. Here is my latest project, Pickle Lilly. Pickle, who is a he, is one of the coolest kitties I’ve ever met. I was commissioned by Pickle’s Grandmom to do this little pet portrait. I began by painting him with textile paint on PFD (prepared for dying) fabric and then stitching to bring him to life. I used a prismacolor pencil to make his eyes more blue green and around his nose to give it definition. I had a great time and I’m very please with the results.


3 thoughts on “Cats and Quilts

  1. Karen, this is fascinating! If you use Prismacolor pencils on a quilt, is there a way to set the color so that the finished quilt is washable, or is this strictly a technique for art/wall quilts that will never be washed? The realism and depth of your cat portrait is just unbelievable. That nose looks so velvety-soft, I feel like I could reach out and touch it.

    • I’m so glad you like the kitty quilt. I really love cats and I think it shows.
      Yes, this is technique is strictly for my art quilts. I used the prisma pencil on the eyes because they were flat and lacked depth. I didn’t want to stitch the area because is was so small. The color pencils were next to me when I was working and gave them a try and it worked out well. I never wash my quilts so using different media on it is not a big deal for me. Thanks for your interest. Karen

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