Paducah Show


I can’t believe it, but if you look closely at the cover of the catalog of show quilts you will see the detail of “Princess Daphne.” I’m thrilled.

Both my quilts were accepted in the show and now Daphne is part of the cover.  Wow, it’s been a big, exciting month.  I hope you will pick up a copy of the catalog to see all the beautiful quilts. They are all stunning.

Here is a full shot of “HRH Princess Daphne.” (23″ x 14″)


Yes, she rules the house and loves it. This piece was whole cloth painted, thread painted, the blue area is hand applique and free motion quilted. I had so much fun working on her eyes.

Here is a pic of my other entry “A poppy for mother.” (40″ x 55″)PoppyForMother-FullI worked on this quilt while my mother was in the last stages of alzheimer’s disease. It was a great way to get away from all the sadness of her illness.

PoppyForMother-DetailHere is a detail shot. This piece was raw edge applique and free motion quilted. I thoroughly enjoyed choosing all the fabrics for this one. They ranged from red to pink to white to purple to violet. Plus some green for the stem. I shot all the photos of the poppies at Wing Haven in Myers Park.

I have several other projects I’m working on currently. I will post about those soon.

7 thoughts on “Paducah Show

  1. Karen, Congratulations and thank you for sharing this exciting news! Both quilts are absolutely gorgeous…I’m in awe!! I love the way you’ve captured the regal spirit of Princess Daphne! As someone who shares a home with a big,fluffy feline, I completely understand why the female of the species is referred to as a ‘Queen’…it’s all in the attitude; and you’ve captured that beautifully in this amazing piece of art!! Best wishes for the Paducah Show, and please keep us posted with updates, news, and photos of your work!

  2. Congratulations, Karen, and thank you for sharing this exciting news!! Both quilts are gorgeous and the details are amazing…I’m in awe! I just love Princess Daphne, looking so very regal. As someone who shares my home with a big, fluffy feline, I understand why female cats are called ‘Queens’…it’s all about the attitude, and you’ve captured that in this beautiful piece of art! I wish you all the best at the Paducah Show and hope you’ll keep the updates coming!

  3. Congratulations for getting not one, but two quilts into the Paducah Show. Your work is beautiful, stunning, highly detailed, and quite amazing. You captured the essence of Princess Daphne, and her eyes make her seem alive in the quilt. You really nailed it. I love your work, and I am very proud of your quilting talents. I know you will be winning awards at National Quilting Shows for many years to come. I love you even more as my wife, and companion in life. You are wonderful, and amazingly talented in so many areas.

  4. OMG!!!! That is AWESOME! Karen that kitty is so beautiful! She looks like she will just purrrr at any minute! The poppy is beautiful as well… your quilting is sooooo well done!!!!!! You go Girl!

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