So here is how my afternoon is going…

What a mess! But, I’m not happy with the free motion stitching and I have to fix it.

Here are my favorite tools for unsewing. Seam ripper, tweezers and a lint roller.
I usually slice stitches on the front of the quilt with the seam ripper. Pull threads from the back of the quilt and use the lint roller to pick up the mess.

What are your favorite tools? What is your technique for unsewing?

1 thought on “Unsewing…..

  1. Hey Karen,
    Well, I think you have the best tools…. the Bernina seam ripper is absolutely the very best! The tip is smooth so it won’t gouge & rip the fabric. There is a new gadget that has a tacky tip on one end you can roll across the loose threads to pick them out, but I don’t think it would work very well on the free motion quilting, best on straight stitching….ughhh good luck!

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