Magnificent magnolia is finally done. I think I’ve been working on it most of the summer. Especially since I did the small study. To be honest, I’ve never done a study before and I really learned a lot.
I changed the center area a bit, the paint is lighter and the quilting is more pointy, on the petals the quilting follows the shape of each petal and the leaves are more subtle.

I like the center much area better, the detail is more what I was going for.

A few important things I learned.
1. TWO AT THE SAME TIME: Work on another piece at the same time. I worked on my lily doing the intense quilting as a warm up for the large piece.
2. YOU’RE COMMITTED: Always do warm up quilting because when you stitch on a painted area you CAN’T take it out.
3. KEEP GOING: I find that I get half way done and I HATE the piece. I think it’s the perfectionist in me but, you must keep working. Keep going and finish.
4. YUCK: I find that I’m never happy with the final piece and want to fold it up and put it away forever. Take some time off from it, look at it in a couple of days. I find I like my work after I’ve had some time off from it.

Here’s my kitty girl Daphne. She is the princess of the house and knows it.

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