The Family

Tootie is the oldest of my kitties. He’s about 10 years old and he definitely loves to eat. He moos at 10 PM every night for his treats. His best friend Herman has passed on to kitty-cat heaven a little over two years ago. Herman was my baby and Tootie’s best friend. They were always curled up together in the winter time. Herman took Tootie under his wing as a kitten. And they became best buds.

After Herman left us, Mark and I couldn’t stand the house being so quiet and Tootie was kind of lost too. It was pitiful to see him looking around for Herman and not finding him.

While we were going through Herman’s ordeal at the animal hospital Mark spotted two tabby cats that needed a good home. He also fell in love with Daphne. And what’s not to love. She is too smart for her own good. Now her brother Fred is another story….Daphne got the brains and Fred didn’t.
Here they are when we first brought them home.

And lastly we can’t forget our newest girl, Sandie Sue. She had been living on the street for awhile and had been coming around in the evening. Then she started coming in the mornings and afternoons. Well, you can figure out what happening. She became our kitty-girl.

And last but not least, Mark and myself. We were over at a friends house for dinner and he was driving us around his property very late one night. I’m surprised this photo came out so well considering it was pitch black and about 95 degrees.

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