What I’ve finished lately…

I recently took a wonderful class with Lyric Kinard, Surface Design Sampler Platter. I had a great time and learned so much. Below is the book cover I created. On the front cover I created a stamp of a leaf. This was done by carving a leaf form into an eraser and then using fabric paint to stamp it. I later added a few beads and flower beads. I had too much fun.

Below is the back of the book cover. Similar techniques were used, more stamping but here I got to bead. LOVED IT! I attached a cabochon and then beaded around it, enough to bend over the cabochon to hold it in place. I then beaded around the leaves for fun. During the class we also did some photo transfer, foil stamping and screen printing. I had a wonderful time and I got the Mark seal of approval, “that’s cool, you could give that as a gift”

The project below is from the the class I took from Susan Brubaker Knapp. The class was ‘start with photo’. I learned so much and liked the class so much I HAD to finish the project. I found thread painting to be so much FUN. I can’t wait to try it again. I hope to do some type of flowers for my next project.

A detail of the stone. I was very pleased with the stone area. I think they probably would have looked better if I had used a gray that was more modeled. The grass was quite difficult. I definitely should have used a print here.